Goal Achievement as Mountain Climbing

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Psychology
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Following your dreams will take you to a better world. The effort required to achieve your goals makes you more intelligent and skilled. You gain a greater understanding of the world and your place in it.

Chasing your goals is like climbing a mountain. Your goal is the top. There are many major paths up the sides of the mountain. On each path there are many choices to make. You must also choose the tools you will use to make the climb. When you take a path where others have gone before, you will pick up more tools along the way.

The mountain is a mountain of tasks. You don’t need to complete every task. You are only climbing one side of the mountain; the side that interests you. This is the major path you are following.

As you move closer to your goal, the way will become more difficult. You will see minor paths that haven’t work out for you. There will be similar paths that may be more useful. The bad minor paths are studies or jobs that didn’t do anything to move you forward. You won’t take those paths twice. A different path, another study or job, may let you move forward. You may need to try many minor paths, but it’s worth the effort.

Every failure is a learning experience. When you reach a dead end on a minor path, you look for a similar path nearby to jump over to. Your goal oriented job dead ends and you get a similar job at another company. Your studies aren’t taking you forward and you change topics.

Sometimes you will come to an impassable overhang. Upward movement is impossible. Don’t give up. Move sideways until you are away from the block. You may need to change jobs several times. You may need to study a lot of material you hadn’t planned on studying. Don’t lose heart. Stay on the mountain. Do the dead end jobs. Study the material you need for backgrounding in your field. Is there somewhere else you need to be?

To keep up the momentum, you will need to keep working on the paths and keep your tools in shape. These represent practice and knowledge. When you can’t get a job that moves you forward, look for voluteer work or related social activities. Anything that lets you practice in the area related to your goals is a good thing. Your tools are the knowledge you acquire. Some knowledge is needed just to begin; more can be picked up on the way.

When action is blocked, study. When study is blocked, act.

Sometimes your goals will be visible. Sometimes they will not. You may go through long periods of struggle with nothing to give you hope that you are getting closer to the top. The climb is the adventure. You don’t need to see the peak. You only need to see the next step forward. It can even put you off to see how far away it is to the top. The peak is your long term goal. Set your daily goal as the next step up the mountain. One step at a time and one day you will find yourself at the top.

What can you do today to improve your progress toward your life goals?

Article text copyright 2011 David Arthur Smith. All Rights Reserved.


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