How Aware Are You?

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Psychology


Remember the movie “Groundhog Day?” There’s a scene where Bill Murray’s character gets pulled over for drunk driving. When the police come to his window, he says something like, “I’ll have three burgers, a fries and a large cola.” His drunk buddy pipes up, “And some flapjacks.”

The buddy is aware of what’s going on in the car, but misses the bigger picture. His excuse is alcohol. The same thing happens to us in our daily lives. Our excuse is that we are busy focusing on our own goals.

Your projects at work are doing great. Then you learn that the company is downsizing and you’re on the list. What happened? You didn’t see that the main goals for the company did not include your projects.

Your relationship with your significant other has never been better. Now they want to break up. You were getting exactly what you wanted out of the relationship and didn’t notice how unsatisfied they were.

One day you notice that your night out with the gang has gotten to be a much smaller event. Where did your friends go? It’s only natural that friends will disappear as their interests change or they move away for work.

In every case, you’ve failed to keep up with what’s going on with those around you. You’ve let your social self languish. You need to get other people talking about themselves and their projects. Then you will know what the important projects are at work. You will know what your significant other needs. You will know what’s new with your friends and will get out there and make new friends when you have new interests.

Don’t forget to feed your social self. Don’t be the pancake guy.

Article text copyright 2011 David Arthur Smith. All Rights Reserved.

  1. Cathy Walker says:

    How true, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind and miss trying to connect with other people, and not have time for important events and people in our lives. They should be important and first on our list, but we tend to go about our daily lives and leave them for occasional interactions. I think the technological world we live in can take some of the blame. It’s just too easy to sit in front of our computers, ipods, t.v.’s, etc. and not really connect with other people.

    • Ivan Izo says:

      You’re so right. Technology will never get tired of entertaining us. Every creative person on the planet with an internet connection can feed more information into the net. The only solution is to consciously decide what we really care about. Thanks for commenting, Cathy.

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