Overcoming Envy

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Psychology
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Overcoming Envy

To succeed in life, we need to avoid negativity and focus on the positive. If a negative thinking pattern has taken firm hold of your view of the world, you can’t just ignore it. Some problems must be dealt with directly. Envy can be that kind of problem.

What Causes Envy?

When you have been working and saving, but can’t seem to get ahead financially, money can become magnified in importance. “I’m working full time. Why don’t I have money building up in my bank account?” There are good reasons for this problem. Your job may be too low wage or you may be increasing your expenses as your wages go up.

If your spending isn’t producing visible indicators of your financial success, you can become envious of all the people you see driving new cars and living in expensive homes.

Working without getting ahead can lead to the reasoning that it must be people who aren’t working making the big money. Rich people are making money by investing and hiring people to work for them at low wages. You may feel like rich people are parasites sucking working people dry. But how did they become rich in the first place?

Envy Can Lead to Hatred

If you’re envious, you may see the cause of your money problems as rooted in any distribution of unearned money. The government collects many taxes that may not do anything for you. If you’re young, healthy, single and working full time, you probably don’t benefit from any social programs. The only public works that appear to benefit you are roads and you pay into that when you register your car every year. This can lead to a strong anti-government sentiment if you only think of yourself. Social programs are in place to help the poor, the sick, children, the elderly and other disadvantaged groups.

Envy can also make you prejudiced because of politically correct hiring and benefit programs. Those programs are in place to help those who have a lower chance of success because of discrimination. The programs are reverse discrimination and this lets you see what it’s like to be discriminated against. This feeling can make you believe that minorities are the problem. If you’re a man, you may even blame women since they are included in many politically correct programs.

Envy can also lead to conspiracy theories. You can start imagining there are secret societies and secret agendas manipulating the world economy.

Getting Past Envy

For envy to keep its hold, you need to be disconnected from those you envy. The solution is to take the opposite course. Become more socially involved. Get to know people from many different cultural and economic backgrounds. When you learn that an immigrant used to work for 40 cents an hour back home, you can see why they needed help.

As you learn that running a business involves risk as well as reward, you may come to understand the rich a little better too. For clear insight into how the rich get richer, you should study business and finance. You will see how much hard work goes into turning a profit in the business world.

Become Enviable

I want to give you a challenge. If you take my advice and study business and finance, consider starting your own business.

Maybe you will be the only employee starting out. Most businesses need some money to get started. Become self-employed in your spare time and experiment with ways to earn income using the knowledge and skills you have now.

If you can’t see a way to earn money with your current abilities, more study and training may be in order. Are you starting to see why some people have more money than others? It’s related to more education, more skills, more time spent on developing yourself.

Make plans now to improve your financial situation using one of these strategies. You don’t need to plan your entire future. A basic outline is enough to get started. You can fill in the details as you learn, practice and make connections. What is the first step you need to take to get your journey started?

Article text copyright 2011 David Arthur Smith. All Rights Reserved.


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