Overcoming Addiction

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Psychology

Overcoming Addiction

You can’t beat a serious addiction by reading one little article. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have some insight into the problem.

What is an Addiction?

Alcohol, drugs, sex, and gambling are serious addictions. Cigarettes, coffee and overeating are less extreme addictions. Shopping, TV and the internet are among the least troubling of addictions. An addiction is anything you find satisfying while you are doing it but then lose the satisfaction as soon as you stop.

What Causes Addiction?

Sometimes addictive behavior comes into your life because you just want something fun to do. You have a good time once and decide you’ll do it again sometime. Over time, you enjoy the activity more frequently and it turns into an addiction. If there’s no physically addictive property to your addiction, you can drop it just as easily. This is usually not a problem.

Problem addictions are a reaction to being hurt. When you view your addiction as compensation for not getting what you want or for the loss of something important to you, it can become obsessive.

Addiction is often related to failing to achieve your goals. You blame others for your failure. Everyone has their own goals and not many people look out for the best interests of others. We all need to work on our own goals. If those around us are like minded, we can help each other. If not, we move in different directions.

Addictions can make life tolerable, even enjoyable. Life without the addiction is too much. You keep getting hurt. Since the world keeps hurting you, you will take pleasure from the world to balance things out.

While you’re busy with your addiction, you aren’t getting anything done to realize your dreams.

Beating Addiction

Addiction can be beat by building up positive experiences of life. You need to try new things and not get hurt. The easiest way is to get involved in new social activities. Groups give more leeway to new members and you have less time available for indulging your addiction. Any kind of new adventure can be enjoyable for its novelty and you don’t need to have the addiction to be having a good time.

For your recovery to be full, you need to find something that will last. Your personal goals are the best for replacing addiction. Replace temporary happiness with long term happiness.

You can still be hurt when others block your plans. To reduce the impact when it happens, diversify your efforts. Work on both learning and practice. Increase the number of people who are interested in your goals and talk about them. Find like minded people. The more ways you can find to work toward your goals, the less it will affect you when one of them hits a snag.

Addiction as a Positive

Sometimes addiction is better than the alternative. If you are angry with the world and this leads to anti-social behavior, you could be better off pursuing pleasure than vengeance. Most addictions won’t land you in jail. Anti-social behavior often does. Choose the lesser evil.

If you decide to try an addiction as a cure for anti-social behavior, find one that won’t be lethal. Hard drugs are killers and all illegal drugs can lead to jail time. Since alcohol can be an anger enhancer, that’s a terrible choice too. Consider weaker addictions like TV, the internet or even an addictive hobby like video gaming.

If you choose a social hobby, it can even help you overcome anti-social feelings as you learn to cooperate with others.

The Best Addictions

I’ve just mentioned the best kind of addictions; hobbies. Careers can also be good addictions. Anything you enjoy can work to help you forget about bad times you’ve had in the past. Collectors, video gamers and TV junkies are all types of addicts that have no negative impact on society.

Find some good hobbies and you can permanently improve your life. Align your hobbies with your goals and life will only get better.

Article text copyright 2011 David Arthur Smith. All Rights Reserved.


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