How to Realize Your Dream Job

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Psychology
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How to Realize Your Dream Job

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If you’re like the majority of people, you take whatever job you can find to pay the bills. If a better paying job becomes available, you switch to that. As far as what you’d really like to do for a living, it’s a hobby or a dream you’re not living. Maybe you’ve taken some courses or read some books, but your job is not related to what you want to do.

I’ve described the process of following your dreams more fully before. This is the first time I present the simple process that follows. Simple. Not easy.


The Four Step Plan for Switching to Work You Want

1. Reduce the amount of work you don’t like to just enough to pay your bills.
2. Reduce your bills as much as possible.
3. When you’re not working, spend every available minute working on the thing you’d like to do for a living.
4. When the thing you like to do makes enough money to pay the bills, phase out the work you don’t like.

Let’s look at each step in more detail.


1. Reducing Undesirable Work.

While you work on building up the knowledge and skills to do your dream job full time, you still need to pay the bills. That almost always means a full time job. If a part time job is enough, you may not need to read step 2.

If you have a low paying undesirable job, a higher paying undesirable job wouldn’t need to take as many hours. But most jobs are 40 hours a week, so do what you can.

The most common way to waste time on undesirable work is unneeded overtime. It’s tempting to go for a little extra cash, but what do you do with the money? If you put it into savings, you’re smart. Most people spend it on things they wouldn’t feel any need for otherwise. You’re better off using those overtime hours working on your future job.


2. Reducing Bills.

The first step to reducing bills is knowing how much you spend. The total monthly cost of each of your major expenses is a good indicator of wasted money.

Are there any major expenses you could do without? Could your DVD collection replace monthly cable? Do you need to have two cars? Do you need to even have one car? Can you cut your rent or mortgage by living with more people?

How far you want to go with budget cuts depends a lot on the need. For example, sharing an apartment or taking in a boarder may save you money, but take up more of your space time. If your bills are covered now and you can’t get reduced hours at your job, maybe you shouldn’t change a thing.


3. Maximizing Dream Time.

Succeeding at making your dream job into your career takes a serious commitment. If you spend half of your leisure hours socializing and being entertained, you’re not going to make it. Your life needs to become split between the job you’re doing but don’t want and the job you’re learning and want to move into.

This may sound like all work and no play. If so, rethink your dream job. You should be going for something that you will want to do all the time. When you first make it your regular job you may be working long hours. That’s especially the case if it’s an entrepreneurial career.

All work and no play is no problem when you love at least half of what you’re doing. For example, when I went to university I spent almost every minute of the day on courses, studying, assignments, and extra reading. The only leisure time I allowed myself was Friday night. Many of the required courses were boring and time consuming, but the majority of the work was something I loved. Those were great years. The study and practice you put into preparing to switch to the career you dream about can be great years too.


4. Making Your Dream Into Your Job.

If there are job opportunities in your dream career, this switch is easy. When you realize you’re becoming good at the work, start applying for jobs until you get one.

Self-employment and entrepreneurial careers are a different story. You need to first build up your dream income to part time. Then trade in your full time undesirable job for a part time one. Use the freed time to expand your dream income to full time and then quit the part time job.

Before launching this plan, you need to be sure there is some way you can make money from your dream career. If your dream job is playing video games all day, it isn’t going to happen. If you love numbers and want to become an accountant, you can succeed. Read all you can about the possibilities of your chosen field. When you see the money, keep learning and realize your dream job.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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