Ivan Izo – Where Are You Going?

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Editorial

Ivan Izo – Where Are You Going?

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I’ve been thinking about the future of Ivan Izo’s blog. It has gone through a few changes over the years. It started as a site to document a film project, and then turned into a screenwriting blog which became a writing blog. After the writing was ported to a new blog, Writer on Fire, it became a psychology blog.

At one time, I had the idea I would write positive motivational psychology, just like so many other sites. And I did it. Every night, I would go to sleep thinking about what I could write on motivation. Every morning, I got up and wrote a motivational article.

Then I got enthusiastic. My articles became deeper and harder to follow.

I’ve been studying psychology for over thirty years. There has always been some philosophy mixed in as well. It’s a good mix. Psychology and philosophy are heavily tied together at the theoretical level. Along the way, I picked up a degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. And one of the books I’m writing is about the psychology of philosophy.

In the past, most people were farmers, soldiers, craftsmen, and followed other professions that didn’t allow for much time to think on other things. There wasn’t much chance to change themselves either. Education was nearly nonexistent.

Today, we’re in an existential age where we have both the education and the freedom to change ourselves. Those who have the money and the power don’t like this freedom. Try changing your career every few years and see how your bank account looks. You’ll be starting from zero with every change even if you’re highly skilled and well educated.

Changing our existence without going broke requires good tools for analyzing our situations and making choices we will want to keep. A difficult challenge indeed. But we are not without resources. The entire history of philosophy and psychology is filled with systems for organizing our meaning of life. Most of those systems have failed as new systems came along, but within the systems are thinking tools. My psychology of philosophy book works on developing those tools.

I’m too smart for my own good sometimes, putting up complex articles. Or worse, too simple when talking about complex subjects. I commit the expert’s fallacy of assuming my readers will know the basics of what I’m talking about and don’t even put in links to earlier articles that explain what’s going on. There’s good reason those links aren’t in there. I never wrote the easy articles.

Something must be done if this blog is to be useful and entertaining. There are several possible directions.

Positive Motivational Psychology?

This would seem to be the most sensible course to take. I know I can write an article a day on this subject without repeating myself. (No. I won’t post every day. I have other writing to do… and a day job.) It’s easy for me to write because I’ve studied psychology extensively. And motivational psychology is easy to read.

Existential Psychology?

This subject is too academic and complex. Long articles usually don’t make a great blog. I may write the odd article along this line, but it won’t be the main focus.

Existential Philosophy?

This is even more academic. Existential philosophy is complete. We now live in an existential age. There’s nothing to learn because we learn it automatically as we grow socially. Yet, at the same time, because our existential existence is implied rather than explicit, many people still live essentialist lives. There is potential for a good blog in this subject, but much thought is needed to work it out. This idea has potential but development time is a problem.

A-Religion blog?

I’m more a-religious than atheist. An atheist believes there is no God. I believe that if there is a God, there is no clear channel of communication. All the world’s great religions have a message in common. On top of that message is what distinguishes one religion from another; the messenger’s cultural and social background and knowledge. There are good and bad followers in any religion. I try to stick with the good ones. Most people keep their religion to themselves in non-religious public places. I think I’d like to mostly keep it to myself on the internet. Maybe the odd article will pop up.

Where now then?

If you haven’t already guessed, it looks like the blog will stick to positive motivational psychology. My readers seem to enjoy those kind of articles and I enjoy writing them.

Whatever deep writing may happen with existential psychology probably won’t happen here. It’s better if I put it into non-fiction manuscripts that can be tucked away in the corner of my hard drive until I forget about them.

I know that editorial articles are never a hit, but I wanted to give you some idea where the blog is going. I know it’s been a mixed bag so far. Are you looking for any kind of articles in particular when you visit? Have they been about right? Have I mentioned something above that you’d like to read more about? Let me know.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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