What is Insanity?

Posted: July 9, 2017 in Psychology

What is InsanityPhoto license

There have been many definitions of insanity. It’s mainly a legal term for someone who is so disconnected from reality that they can’t understand the consequences of their actions for other people.

Getting Crazier

In psychology itself, clinical is used to indicate extreme cases. These are mental disorders that have gotten bad enough to have a negative effect on other people. As long as a person’s mental disorder only affects themselves, there’s no reason to force treatment.

There are several levels at which a person’s mental disorder may affect others. The least disturbing way is when they are unable to keep a job and become a financial burden to others. People at this level often find themselves on welfare, sometimes for life.

More severe are cases where the person’s mental problems manifest in the real world in ways that cause emotional distress for friends and relatives. Think of hoarders, for example.

The most extreme cases of mental disorder result in physical harm or death to others.

Going Insane

This is where the law steps in. A clinical mental disorder may result in harm or death to others, but still not be judged insane.

Did they know they were attacking a real person?

Do they understand cause and affect? Did they know their victim might die from being stabbed 40 times? Some don’t know that.

Are You Insane?

Not likely. You’re reading non-fiction. People go insane because they spend all of their time watching escapist movies and reading escapist books. People go insane because they abuse drugs or alcohol. People go insane because they become obsessed with weird ideas.

Insanity can be avoided by spending time with others. Many jobs have enough socialization to prevent the onset of insanity. If you have a job where you work alone, spend some of your off hours with other people. Get married or move in with someone and socialization is automatic. If you’re not big on socializing, expose yourself to examples of a social life through TV, movies, and books that are positive and based on reality.

What is insanity? The short answer is a lack of conformity to the social world. It isn’t necessary to conform to the established social order. That’s often set up in a way to screw you over. Pick a sub-culture, make friends, enjoy your life and you will never go insane.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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