Ivan Izo is the pen name of David Smith. For a full explanation of his pseudonym, see Why Do I Need a Pseudonym?.

The Focus of Ivan Izo’s Motivational Psychology Blog

The main focus of Ivan Izo’s blog is on motivation. The secondary focus is on personal development, especially the ways it can help with career development. How can we be happy and content in our present life situation while continuing to be motivated toward growth? Some articles also cover dealing with depression and anxiety, conditions that everyone goes through occasionally.

Izo’s Qualifications as a Psychologist

Izo has a BA in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. To practice psychology, he would have needed to go on to a Masters and PhD, but he was already bored of his studies. A PhD leads to either teaching or working as a therapist. Two kinds of people see therapists (mostly), those in such bad shape that the government pays for the therapy, and rich people tweaking their emotions. Izo wanted to help regular people. He would need to write and it couldn’t be books written using the technical language of psychology. He needed to work normal jobs so he could relate to people on their own terms. And he needed to improve his writing ability.

Izo worked as a bookkeeper and then in a factory before taking an interest in computers. He immersed himself in computer studies and got a job as a software tester. He did a variety of technical writing during his seven years there and then got bored of that too. He dropped the computer job and went to work as a hotel front desk clerk and now has plenty of time to work on improving his writing.

Izo’s Current Efforts

Izo is currently focused on improving his skills as a writer by writing a novel and blogging.


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