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Why Does Religion Persist?Photo license

While the response to “religion?” on surveys is increasingly “no religion”, there are still a great many people who find a belief in a higher power improves their lives.

How does religion improve your life?

1. Religions prohibit vices. That saves you money.

2. Religions promote or demand altruistic giving. This can make you feel good for helping others.

3. Belief in a happy afterlife or reincarnation makes it easier for you to tolerate an unhappy present life.

4. Belief in a higher power can get you through hard times. Leave your problems in the hands of the higher power and it will all work out.

5. Participating in a religion gives you a social group.

People with no religion can enjoy all of these same benefits.



Life's Many BalancesPhoto license

Any scroll through an internet news site will convince you there are many unbalanced people in the world. Some people become unbalanced through drugs or mental illness. Others became obsessed with the wrong things. How can we avoid falling into this tragic comedy of the damned? Become aware of the importance of balance.

There are many ways to balance your world. The concepts below come from psychology and philosophy. It doesn’t matter if you agree with their subjects. Learn instead to see how everything has an opposite and creating a balance will keep you out of trouble.

Each balance below starts with the philosophy behind it. This is followed by the psychology of balancing in our everyday experience. Most end with some practical application.

Good and Evil

Eastern philosophy emphasizes the Tao (Yin Yang) of good and evil. The good is creative and productive action. The evil is uncreative and destructive action.

The “secret” to a happy life is focusing on the positive and acting on it. All action leads to some negative reaction. We discover our weaknesses. Equipment breaks down. Others are not interested or oppose our actions. For an unhappy life, focus on the negative. Positive things still happen for the negative person. Work still comes with a paycheck. Positive people try to help. Lunch is still a good time.

A well balanced person prefers the positive and accepts the negative. When everything is going great, they prepare for problems that will come up later. When everything is falling apart, they remember that it will be good again. They focus on what’s working while doing damage control on the problem areas.


Heidegger's Search for the Meaning of Being

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This is a paper I wrote for myself at the end of university. It gives an overview of Martin Heidegger’s positive existential philosophy. This version has been very lightly edited. No attempt has been made to add to the explanations of the concepts. If you find yourself lost on a point, feel free to ask in the comments.

Heidegger’s Search for the Meaning of Being

Heidegger says the central question for the human being is the question of Being. Our inquiry into Being has been absent for such a long time that we now suffer from a loss of meaning, as evidenced by the growth of nihilism. All meaning derives from the Meaning of Being and it is a return to the question of Being that is the only way to get this back.


How to Break Out of a Negative Rut

If life seems to be stuck in a negative rut for you, maybe it’s time to consider what kind of world you’re living in. Is it moving you closer to realizing your goals or further away? Is it helping in some ways but distracting you in others? Sometimes friends will hold you back unintentionally. Everybody doesn’t want the same things. You can reverse direction.

Start by Finding the Negativities

If you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it. Make a list of the ways you spend your time. Include how much time you spend on each activity. Rate each as either positive, negative or neutral. You aren’t going to cut out a neutral activity, like eating, for example. You will want to do your best to get rid of the negatives. Four hours of TV every night is a negative, in case you didn’t know. An hour of TV every day is a break. Four is a waste of time. You’re zoning out when you could be accomplishing something.


Positively Not

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Keep a positive attitude. Avoid negativity and nay sayers. Always forward, never back. Never give up. Do whatever it takes to get the job done. You can succeed. You will succeed.

These are the kind of positive affirmations you need to keep motivated and moving toward your goals. Is there any danger in always keeping a positive attitude? Yes. There is much danger.


Your Free Time Needs Balance

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There are only two hours until you need to be at work, an appointment, a meeting with friends. What will you do with that two hours? Will it be filled with entertainment or working toward your goals?



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This is an example of the most advanced type of article I will be posting on my psychology site; change articles. These posts examine the tools we need to make real change in our lives.

I’ve kept you waiting because this summary of balancing keeps trying to turn itself into a book. As a result, I’ve broken down the different approaches and started an additional seven articles which will appear later. What follows is one way of summarizing balancing.

When you don’t realize there is a balance in everything, you can become trapped in a point of view and fail to grow. An awareness of balance keeps you moving toward maturity.